Sunny Orchard Farm Teas

Totally Organic
Handpicked Leaves
Brimming with Flavour

 Grown with Love in the English Lake District
Join Our Tea Party – it’s Time for an English Herbal Tea!  


We’re doing something different.
Nearly all herbal tea is grown outside of the UK.  Sunny Orchard Farm Teas are authentically handgrown, handpicked and dried in England on our eco off-grid farm in the Lake District, UK.


A Picture of the Loose Leaf Peppermint and Nettle Organic Herbal Teas Grown on Sunny Orchard Farm, England, showing the hills and Landscape of the Lake District behind


Purely Organic.
Environmentally Kind.
Perfectly Delicious.


We wanted to create healthy natural teas that we ourselves would use, give to our children and share with friends. Teas that are not only delicious but are grown sustainably right here in the UK. 


Our organic herbal tea plants are grown as nature intended, slowly in rich soil, with nothing else added – just our time! All our teas are loose leaf, giving you the very best of the leaves, unbroken and full of their original flavours, aroma and nutrients.


We pride ourselves on handpicking only the finest leaves and flowers to produce, what we believe, is the ultimate premium herbal tea available. Only this level of attention to detail can create a product so special.


We know every step and process our tea has gone through. We’re experts in our field!


We hope you’ll love our teas as much as we love growing them ♥.